My Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

My Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

My Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks


Music and video games go hand in hand, especially for me, as an avid gamer and a musician this list makes the most sense for me to do as a blog, so here it is my Top 5 soundtracks, make sure to yell at me for all the great soundtracks that I missed out on.

Number 5

Sonic (1991)

Composer: Masato Nakamura

Pure nostalgia, I played this game so much as a kid that it just brings back so many memories of playing this game for hours (and considering the soundtrack is only 17 mins long I’ve probably heard these melodies far too much for a normal person), so it deserves a place on this list just to say thank you to Sega.

FUN FACT: I am the same age as Sonic

Number 4

Final Fantasy X (2002)
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu, Mavashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano

Now this was a tough choice, in a sense of which final fantasy do you pick? VII? X? IX? maybe VIII? I had to go with X simply as its one of my favourite games of all times and no doubt the music plays a huge part in this. That piano piece at the beginning game is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve heard and the nostalgia that comes from it hits me every single time. Nobuo is synonymous with Final Fantasy and his presence is always felt but this time was the first he worked with other people and its great to feel that change in style that came from collaboration. I think another thing I love is the amount of variation that is on this soundtrack has to offer, going from soulful piano to choirs to fun light hearted stuff as well. I saw the London Symphony Orchestra perform songs from the entire Final Fantasy series with my partner and it was simply phenomenal to hear such iconic music at that magnitude. My partner isn’t even the biggest fan of Final Fantasy and she loved it as well.

Number 3

Kingdom Hearts Series (2002 – present)
Composer: Yoko Shimomura

Ok so I’m going to cheat here a little, I couldn’t pick, I really couldn’t, but I knew I needed to have kingdom hearts on here somewhere. Whether its that initial piano that opens the game so beautifully (seriously whats up with my obsession for pianos in this list) or the Disney feel from Danny Elfman’s original “This is Halloween” has me singing along each time, it combines 2 of my favourite things: Final Fantasy and Disney. I also love the track “Sanctuary” it suits the games and sums them up the series for me pretty perfectly. The remix used in the new trailer for 2.8 instantly got me excited for this game and I don’t even own a PS4 (…….yet)

Number 2

Journey (2012)
Composer: Austin Wintory

Journey is a very lonely game, so the soundtrack has to capture that same feel, the first opening melody you here in the game is perfect. Not only is this a beautiful looking game but this has one of my favourite soundtracks ever (so much so that I actually own this soundtrack on Vinyl). it builds so beautifully and makes every moment have just that much more weight to it as well as continuing and evolving that initial melody throughout the score it helps the feel of progression through the game. Another reason I love it is that it isn’t incredibly long, just like the game it can be and should be experienced in a single sit through. If you can’t play this game then watch a Let’s Play in order to take it all in.

Number 1

Doom (2016)
Composer: Mick Gordon

Doom has probably one of the most in your face soundtracks to date. It grabs you pretty much by the balls and puts you in for the ride. It plays on my love for metal and electronic music and marries them so so well. Whether its BFG division’s use of the 9 string with its looming layers of dark ambience or the incredibly bass heavy “Mastermind” and the hints and call backs to the original theme in a brand new way. This encompasses everything DOOM is, brutal and in your Face.


Mirror’s Edge (2008)
Composer: Magnus Birgersson

Now I love my ambient electronic/glitch music, its definitely no secret, this like Journey builds beautifully and really enhances the visuals of the game. The futuristic clean look to the environments can be felt through the music and I think its incredibly well suited to the games. Though I do feel it kinda loses me in the middle and I do find myself getting a little bored. But then just skip to still alive featuring Lisa Miskovsky and all is good in the world

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