Banter Media is a Web Design agency with a team capable to build state of the art websites. The purpose of your business in the digital space is what dictates our approach in crafting your website. A website should reflect your unique value proposition in such a way that you capture your audience's attention. Your website is a tool and should be aligned with your business strategic goals.

This is why we created our 'Application First Design' principles. The way we approach web design is different to many other agencies. We treat your website as an application with a goal and a function. Your website needs to exist for a purpose and the user experience of that website should be focused on realising that purpose. From simply communicating who you are (company profile) to building complex platforms (e-learning) we have the talent and experience to foster engagement and drive consumer actions.

We don’t just make websites we craft them. Each site is designed specifically to do what you need it to do. We specialise in functionality and usability.

One of the concepts we are most passionate about is having your website as your online 'shop window'. This is one of the worst pieces of advice that someone can give you regarding web development. A website should be SO MUCH MORE than a shop window. A website is a live organism and part of your business identity, it can be a tool, an application, a piece of interactive software that allows you to communicate directly with your audience in a way no other marketing tool has ever allowed.

Today's technology allows you to do so much with your website. It should interact, engage and inspire your audience. More importantly it must have:

  • A goal
  • A function
  • A purpose

Gone are the days of online shop windows or brochures.

Welcome to a time of optimised online marketing, lead generation and knowledge transfer tools. Welcome to BANTER web development and design.


BANTER has great experience in delivering high-end digital experiences for our customers' customers. Depending on your industry we are capable to develop your website to reflect your brand and captivate audiences. As we mention above, a website needs to have a purpose and should be so much more than an online brochure. A website is an application, a tool for increasing engagement, leads and knowledge sharing. Our team have managed enterprise web projects of values up to £250,000 down to local business sites for just several thousands.

For us at BANTER it's not about the value of the budget but the value of the client. We only work with clients who share our values and for the clients we do work with we give 100% no matter the budget or scale.

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We develop website using a wealth of different tools, handcrafted wordpress websites are a key part of this toolkit and one we have been using for almost 10 years. Wordpress is a fantastic Content Management System that is used by 25% of all websites on the internet. It is immensely powerful and efficient to develop. A complex coporate website can be built with a myriad of customisable features in a fraction of the time and cost of many other CMS platforms.

Some companies needlessly fear the security of Wordpress is not sufficient for their needs. However, this is similar to the Windows/Mac debate regarding viruses. There are more exploits for Wordpress (like Windows) because it is so popular. Any exploits that affect any website around the world can be caught and dealt with before problems arise. Good build practice, regular updates and security measures make Wordpress a safe, powerful and simple to use CMS with potential to scale.

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Umbraco is the choice of many organizations because of its no-cost, open-source licensing, its simplicity, and its unlimited potential. Umbraco provides a full-featured web content managementsystem that is easy to use, simple to customize, and robust enough to run sites from Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest media sites in the world.

There are nearly 90,000 sites using Umbraco around the world - everything from local shops to global companies with dozens of sites in as many different languages. Just a few of the sites using Umbraco are Vogue, Heinz, Microsoft, Warner Brothers and SanDisk.

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In the digital world every millisecond and detail matters. You might have a cutting edge web design but it is not driving the results as expected. This is where we can step in to analyse your UX, identify elements that can be improved in order to achieve more. This may be to increase conversion rates, user engagement or another defined KPI for your business.

Further, we suggest a UX review and analysis for all of our web builds to ensure that the focus and goal of the project is aligned with what you and your users need. Our UX reports cover everything from user journey mapping to interactive wireframe testing with users.

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BANTER is always on the look for the latest tech development that can help improve the value we create for our customers. We use state-of-the-art tools to help deliver the desired outcome for your brand. In order to achieve this we bring into play A/B testing, prototyping and interactive wireframe user testing to achieve decision making based on evidence.

We can install A/B testing functionality to lead generation pages to analyse which UX modifications best increase conversions. We even have tools that can monitor your competitors websites to see the results of their A/B testing. In addition, we have software that can monitor the mouse movements on your web pages so that you can get live pinpoint analytics on how users interact with your site in order to get analytics way beyond those offered by Google Analytics.

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