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Enterprise site migration and redevelopment with Umbraco and .NET

We were selected from a highly competitive pool of providers to deliver the new Business Growth Hub website as well as a wealth of other micro-sites across the company over the past several years.

The goal of the new development was to create a website that was optimised for mobile and tablet devices, improve the user experience and increase the overall usability of the website. The old website required the user to complete 5- 6 clicks to get to any form of usable content or information. We devised a UX strategy to develop a new user interface to reduce the number of actions to a maximum of 2 – 3 clicks.

Time spent on website +10% Pages per visit +84%. Page views per user +70%. Mobile and Tablet Traffic +9% (aligned with industry averages). Mobile and Tablet Time spent on website +12%. Mobile and Tablet Page views per user +84% and Pages per visit up 69%.

Search traffic is up 48% Direct traffic is up 93% This shows that the new website UX is being received better by Google which was a key metric in the initial tender.
We have developed and maintained the current Business Growth Hub (BGH) website since 2014. We pioneered the evolution of the website from a static, non-responsive website to a fully fluid responsive website with user, partner and mentor registrations, digital TV hosted on a dedicated platform, new blog engine, events booking, news feed, social integration and a beta version of a bespoke e-learning platform.

In the initial stage we created the strategy to maintain and develop the original Ruby on Rails website whilst we developed the new site. This meant that the website could stay up to date whilst we migrated to the new site with minimal downtime. We made the transition with zero downtime due to this strategy.

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