Banter Media is a Digital Marketing Agency with more than 20 years experience in helping our customers identify, understand and engage with their targeted audiences. Marketing is one of the most critical parts of your business. ​Briefly described​ it needs to be able to:

  • Identify your audience
  • Effectively reach your customers
  • Communicate your business value proposition to your prospects.
  • Convert prospects to paying customers.
  • Engage your customers to cultivate brand advocates.

With so many new marketing channels, popping up almost daily, it’s really hard to understand what is best for your business and to follow all the updates that are taking place.

Content marketing, social media, search engine advertising (PPC) and optimisation (SEO) are all marketing tools that we have great experience with, and we’re proud to say that we’re one of the best at making it work for business.

We prime ourselves for being a customer-centric agency, and one of the key responsibilities we have is to identify what best fits your business, irrelevant of costing.

Get the chance to speak with one of our team members. No matter if you wish to move ahead with our services or not we will openly share with you what you should be doing to grow your business.


For us marketing is the fundamental principle that dictates everything your brand stands for. It is all about how the different stakeholders that engage with your brand see and feel this experience. From employees to suppliers and customers everyone perceives your brand in a particular way an this is all about the strategic positioning of the business. For us the marketing strategy is defined and informed based on the business strategy and vice versa.

An important principle of marketing is customer analysis and interactions. This process translates to market insights relevant to your industry and business and this is where innovation comes into play. Knowing what your customers want means that you can innovate your offering to adapt to a new demographic, or deliver a new complementary service to the ones you already have and so on.

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Many of you might have expected to have this under our web development service. True is that SEO today is not just an add-on feature or something that fits just under web development. We craft stories and experiences and we need to make sure these are communicate in the best possible way for your audience. SEO is something that can make or break your business digital presence.

SEO is a fundamental process which we suggest to go through for all of our customers. The reason why is that it will help you define the best way to describe yourself in the digital sphere in order to attract your targeted demographic, that simple.

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Public relations by definition is the professional maintenance of a favourable public image and the relationship a company holds both with the general public and other organisations. In the digital age there so many ways in which to do this and there can be a lot to manage: maintaining your company’s persona across several social media channels, attracting advocates of your brand, liaising with relevant publications and organisations in an effort to increase brand exposure, making sure your ‘latest news’ is broadcasted via blogs and newsletters, and engaging with your audience frequently on a digital level.

All of this should boost your public image and brand awareness, resulting in a greater following on social media channels with active engagement and increased sales/leads. We can help you prioritise these elements, creating a strategy that works best for you and help you manage it, maintaining a good working relationship with everyone involved.

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Knowledge sharing and transferring skills to our customers is something we are passionate about. We want our customers to be able to thrive without needing us in every step. We know that as a business grows it’s much more sensible to have an in-house team that manages marketing tools and procedures taking responsibility of social media, paid media and more, and this is exactly what we train your team to do.

Our team has 18 years of combined experience in marketing (SEO, social media, paid ads, video, content) and we are happy to share this expertise with you.

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In today's world businesses have an almost infinte number of potential touchpoints with their customers. These moments of engagement have to be optimised to allow for optimial performance of any business. We will review your current touchpoints and user experience to see what is performing well and where improvements can be made. From this initial review we are able to create a step by step plan to improve the experience for your customers and ultimately improve your KPIs whatever your desired outcomes might be.

Experience design involves user journey mapping, UX design optimisation, analytic & insight processing and sales trigger analysis as well as many more psychological and physical factors that contribute to the success of your business.

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