The Accountancy People

The Accountancy People

The Accountancy People


So good we got fired

The Accountancy People and Banter have been partners for years and we’ve grown together. Except when we got fired…


James Sheard at The Accountancy People is an award winning Chartered Accountant who is extremely entrepreneurial and looking for ways to grow his business. We partnered with him to create a digital marketing campaign to increase inbound leads to the business. We carried out a full business analysis and market research campaign to ensure the correct approach to their digital marketing. The resulting campaign took the form of a multi-platform release across the Greater Manchester area. We account managed the process from setup through to training their in-house marketing team to manage the campaign.


The problem with this campaign was on our end. It was too successful. The ROI during the first three months was over 2000%. We generated so many leads that we actually had to pause the campaign in order for the company to restaff to be able to handle the volume of leads being generated. This is the only time we’ve been fired and were happy for it to happen. Once the team was ready we started up the campaign again and the growth for The Accountancy People continues to this day. They are a leading provider of accounting services and business development support so we can’t take the credit for the growth of the company. However, the increased visibility we were able to provide has enabled them to reach out to those who need their services.

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