Branding is all about your company's image. It is a culmination of all the elements that define and create your brand identity. Branding is an art, it has to be relevant and clearly communicate your company values. The challenge is to achieve to have your targeted audience align with your brand. An ideal outcome is to do this in such a way that your customers become brand advocates.

We have great experience helping companies build their brand from zero audience to thousands, and with existing organisations to re-position themselves (yes it is also called re-branding). As a boutique digital media agency we like to offer unique experiences to our customers and we take a different approach with each one of you.


Corporate branding is defined by much more than just your company logo. A company's brand is its identity - who it is, what it stands for and how this is represented. A big part of branding is obviously the visual element - how your brand is viewed by others and how it reflects your company goals and mission.

To learn more about our process for developing corporate branding, whether that be a totally new brand or re-branding of a current company, simply get in touch with us below and arrange a catch up to discuss our options.

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As a part of any branding exercise we will always complete a brand identity audit. However, in some cases you may simply require an audit to evaluate your current positioning and clarify that what you have is working as intended without the immediate need for any actual brand development work.

During a brand audit we assess your brand positioning within your market, how you compare with your competition, how your brand relates with target demographic and whether your current marketing and advertising media aligns with your brand.

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Your brand isn't just about how people interact with it visually, a huge part branding is how you communicate and the language that you use. It takes a lot to stand out from a crowd, especially with so many talented designers, creatives and agencies around today. An area that many companies miss out is in the language they use to communicate their brand both internally and externally. If you have the buy-in and tone of voice internally this will naturally be represented in your marketing collateral, social media and advertising.

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Personal and/or product brand creation is similar to corporate branding but with a more personal feel Be it a product or individual we are great at identifying value and uniqueness. We make sure we build a powerful and long lasting brand no matter the challenge.

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In many instances, after a brand identity audit it is clear that a brand needs some development to move in the right direction. We have worked with many companies to evolve their brands following a defined need to improve and align with ever growing needs and developments.

Brand development may be as simple as tweaking a company logo or as far as overhauling your current branding by looking at a more modern approach and/or change to industry expectations.

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