5 things I learnt in my first week at Banter

5 things I learnt in my first week at Banter

5 things I learnt in my first week at Banter


Starting a new job is always pretty nerve-racking, but starting a job that really means something to you is on new levels of terror. The entire week building up to my first day consisted of excitement, worry and a little bit of panic. But once I actually arrived at Banter, I soon realised there was little reason to work myself up. After my first week I can gladly say that I am starting to pick up on a few things, and despite knowing full-well I have a lot left to learn, I would like to say that I feel like I’ve settled in somewhat.

5 Things I learnt on my first week at Banter:

Some of the most intimidating looking people here are actually completely lovely and only look scary when they are hard at work – it’s important to talk to people to get to know that.

Naming files is one of the most important things that needs doing to keep things running smoothly. Files called ‘final’ and ‘finishedfinal’ aren’t quite as easily accessed by others when working in a team environment.

Although being an intern isn’t all about making brews, it is a vital skill that must be mastered for the benefit of everyone (including yourself!) – When you’re out to make the best impression, the most simplistic coffee machine feels like the equivalent of launching NASA spacecraft.

All those times I complained about how little time we have to do work at university, suddenly fill me with complete regret. Time management is so vital, and no matter how many times you are told this, it really doesn’t hit you until you are allocated a series of tasks per hour and have to choose the ones which are most important at that moment in time.

And finally, it is completely okay to ask questions and in most cases the ‘stupid’ ones are actually completely relevant. It’s much easier to ask a question and get it right than not ask and mess everything up!

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