My Word for 2017

My Word for 2017

My Word for 2017


Happy New Year!

It’s the start of a brand new year. We’re back at work, we’re feeling the aftermath of Christmas in our bodies and mind. Most of you will have set New Year’s resolutions… I didn’t this year. Not the ‘lose weight’, ‘write a diary’, ‘learn a new language’ kind of resolution anyway.

What I did was something I had heard about but never tried and to be honest it was difficult to do. I decided to choose a word for 2017 and this word would influence every aspect of my life. At the end of the year I will reflect on how much living by this word has affected me and how easy it was to allow this word to consciously influence my life.

Now on to the word. As I said before, choosing a word was not an easy task. I’ve heard people say that their words came to them naturally, mine didn’t. It may be that this was my first time choosing one and that made it more difficult. I wanted to choose a word that wouldn’t be so problematic to attribute to all aspects of my life. I agonised over this for ages, determined to find MY word. It wasn’t until I was watching a YouTube video that it came to me. The woman in the video was talking about the word she chose last year and I finally had my ‘Aha!’ moment. That was going to be my word for this year.

The word was… ENERGY!

Perfect. Especially at the latter end of 2016, I lacked energy in general. This was for various reasons which I will not bore you with now but by Christmas I was exhausted.

In no particular order, I’m going to break down the core areas of my life and how I plan to incorporate my chosen word of ‘ENERGY’!



  • To go about everything with ENERGY at the centre.
  • To use my planning system to prioritise my time better and have the courage to let go of things that don’t need my ENERGY, via delegation or otherwise.
  • To have the awareness to spot when I am feeling a lack of ENERGY and do something about it. Take a break, read something, eat something, just take 5 mins away from what I’m doing to refresh and refocus.

Work with ENERGY or don’t do it at all.



  • To consciously do things that make my body and mind feel great.
  • To only do things I want to do and not things I am pressuring myself to do.
  • To find an exercise rhythm I enjoy and healthy foods I love.
  • To stay hydrated (I’m really bad at this).
  • To keep my mind stimulated and energised daily.

Health is all about ENERGY, body and mind.



  • Commit to having at least one date night a month.
  • To make sure the dogs are getting everything they need, walking them more and keeping them on a routine.
  • To have a tidy, clean, efficient home. Develop a system that makes this easier and less ENERGY sapping.
  • To make time for our relatives, making plans to see them and communicate with them more regularly.

Put your ENERGY into family, it’s the only one you’ve got.



  • To increase the social area of my life, make time for my closest friends and make awesome memories.
  • Develop stronger lines of communication with those friends who are a long distance away.
  • To get involved in the ‘snail mail’ or creative pen palling community to connect with people that have similar interests to me.

True friendships are forces of positive ENERGY, treat them well.



  • To continue to make time for my main hobbies which are planning and crafting.
  • To set up a YouTube channel and create regular content to share my hobbies.
  • To read at least one book a month, varying between fiction and non-fiction.

Hobbies boost your ENERGY and give you a fulfilled life, make time for them!


That’s that!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have decided to choose a word too, let me know what you went for in the comments!

Ashleigh O'Callaghan Dog mama. Gamer. Fitness freak. @ravens fan. @britneyspears enthuiast. Tea drinker. Glasses wearer. Social media hermit. Avid sarcasm user and all round goofball.