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Growth hacker, animal lover, @dota2 junkie, @manutd & @giants fan | Founder - @BanterMediauk | CoFounder - @team6t9 | CoFounder - @socialgrowthlab |

Lifestyle Fitness PT

Lifestyle Fitness PT asked us to partner with them to create a series of educational videos. Lifestyle Fitness PT is a gathering of the most promising and established trainers, coaches and specialists in the UK. Looking to launch a revolutionary new product they asked Banter to help deliver a series of 23 unique educational videos. […]

What NOT to do when opening an Etsy business

Hello there, readers who have stumbled upon my blog. You might be here for one or two reasons. You’ve either randomly clicked onto this link and are jamming the back button on your browser or you are thinking of starting up on Etsy and Googled about how to do this. Well I’m here to tell […]

Dexshell Waterproof Clothing

Banter was commissioned to create a promotional video campaign for Dexshell – global leaders in waterproof clothing   Dexshell has a focus on innovation and cutting edge technology which allowed the team at Banter to identify with their way of thinking. We were commissioned to create the concept for a new promotional campaign to showcase the […]

Essentials for making Video Content for your business on a budget

Ok, so you’ve watched our #BANTERtalk episodes on Video and Content Marketing (and if you haven’t then you have made me sad) and you’ve took our advice and decided you’re going to make video content in house. Well since I spend a lot of time behind a camera and occasionally in front of a camera […]

How I got into Graphic Design and Animation

It’s a funny story really, I think as I’ve aged I changed my career goals many times. Shall we go through the timeline? *hears people scream no* Alright then let’s do it.   The Beginning My first ever ever EVER career choice was to be a scientist and this was when I was a little […]

My 6 tips for starting a YOUTUBE channel

1: Good Audio You’d think for a visual platform that I would say a good camera first. The reason I don’t is that the majority (like really the majority) have some form of camera on their smartphone that will be good enough especially for starting out (look at a DSLR or something down the road […]

The Rise of eSports

An evening with the boss As much as I love BANTER and what I do it is always important to wind down after work and relax. This is as important as working hard throughout the day. Without proper time to recalibrate you will eventually become increasingly less productive. I am a big advocate of Gary […]

Advice for a student designer

Next year I will be going into my final year of studying Graphic Design at university and although I have only been on my placement for around 2 months, a lot of things have become very clear to me since I started working here. I figured I would share some of the things that I […]

What is SEO? 7 things you need to know!

Long answer short to the question what is SEO: ● The abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation ● Everything in the digital space describing your business (or yourself if that is the case). ● Can be done with on-page and with off-page optimisation ● A free way to grow your audience ● The starting point when […]