How I got into Graphic Design and Animation

How I got into Graphic Design and Animation

How I got into Graphic Design and Animation


It’s a funny story really, I think as I’ve aged I changed my career goals many times. Shall we go through the timeline? *hears people scream no* Alright then let’s do it.

The Beginning
My first ever ever EVER career choice was to be a scientist and this was when I was a little kid, talking buying a lollipop ring and running around pretending to be part of Captain Planet’s crew kid. Why did this clearly stupid kid want to job in a super smart hella science-y field? Cuz she wanted her own laboratory. Why did she want her own laboratory? Because Dexter had his own laboratory. Whose Dexter? Well he’s a character in Cartoon Network’s very own Dexter’s Laboratory. I just thought it was so cool how he had his own secret lab and honestly a little jealous. I tried building my own ‘secret lab’ once, it’s freakin hard keeping anything secret from a parent at that age I’ll tell you that.


The Doubts (This wasn’t what I expected)

Going ‘gung ho’ on to that career path I made sure to pick all the science subjects and I loved it, till I realised with each grade up the curriculum gets more complicated and then I didn’t love because I had no idea what I was learning anymore. It was a matter of revising foreign words over and over until they stuck to your head, not really interested but just doing it for the sake of it. Scientist didn’t seem that fun anymore but since I already picked those subjects I thought to make my mom’s dream come true as having a dentist daughter, so I kept at it. I didn’t want to be a dentist but I didn’t have any career I wanted to pursue now so I thought why not, mom will be happy.


Until Finally

From then my mind changed from dentist to news reporter and then I found out about the fun world of marketing until finally I was in college. Now for whatever reason my college didn’t have economics as a subject so I’m like ‘hey how am I getting into marketing without all my biz subjects?’ They said there’s graphic design and I had no idea what they were talking about. See I came from a world where creative careers were a myth, they didn’t exist. Adverts came from the sky not a group of creative brainstorming minds, pfft now that was just silly. Resigning to my fate I thought having a chill subject would be nice little breather from the future academic stress. I was not expecting it to be so much fun and so frustrating at the same time. Photoshop for a beginner is like asking a chimp to recite the formula for pie (not the food pie) but oh my god did I love every second of it and I immediately knew what career I wanted to pursue for sure. So here I am interning as a designer, making weird complicated shiz which maybe Dexter couldn’t even think of and loving it.


So there is a point to this, there’s so many out there people that don’t know what they want to do in life and it builds up this stress especially when you’re in highschool to cling onto whats ‘safe’. What you need to know is it’s ok, you aren’t the only one out there, if you don’t know what your passion is yet, that is the perfect place to be. Self discovery is the journey that lets us unlock our truest potential, you just need to get out of your comfort zone and experience it. There is a path lined up for everyone, you just need to start walking it and the only way you’ll be able to reach it is by not being afraid to fail (not your exams you gotta study for those). Yup you heard right failure is what is going to help you grow the most, heck, I’m still failing, I mean I opened an etsy shop and haven’t got a single sale in more than a month, but I’m not letting it stop me instead i’m  learning from it. Don’t let failure paralyse you, let it teach you. I end this blog with a profound quote I heard once.

‘Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness’ (Eckhart Toli)

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