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Team 6t9

Anything you can do we can do… Having worked on many successful marketing and video campaigns over the years we saw an opportunity to put into practice what we preach. Team 6t9 was born out of this desire to create and promote a product of our own.

The Accountancy People

So good we got fired The Accountancy People and Banter have been partners for years and we’ve grown together. Except when we got fired… Approach James Sheard at The Accountancy People is an award winning Chartered Accountant who is extremely entrepreneurial and looking for ways to grow his business. We partnered with him to create […]

Warrior Collective

How to reduce your revenue and be proud of it When a long standing client of ours pitched the concept of a new business ventures one of the key elements that was holding them back was an internal resource for marketing and video production. We solved this through a bespoke training and consultancy program.