Cutting edge enterprise POS and CMS integration

One of the more complex request, Benchmark required their website to be dynamically linked with their enterprise ePOS system as well as designing a new responsive website to go alongside the new technology.

The goal of this project was to create a fully responsive, mobile friendly website which linked directly into the company’s complex CRM system through an integrated API. We pioneered the full screen navigation across all devices with the Benchmark site.  In websites with a lot of information a full screen navigation is proven to aid users find the information they require without the distraction of other elements on the page.

The psychology behind this is that when a user decides they cannot find the information they require on the current page you can streamline this process by removing the current page content and replacing it with a well ordered navigation with deep links to content.

Since taking over the contract for this website we have seen a drastic increase in orders being made through the website. Users are able to navigate easily and find what they require on the website. Further, this information has a live link to the CRM/ePOS.

Throughout the project we have worked with several different project managers on the client side and managed the transition each time to ensure continuity in service and delivery of the website. We arrange meetings with the client on a regular basis to discuss our suggestions for improving functionality and give updates and current development. With Trello we are able to streamline the process of informing a new stakeholder as to the stage of our development and the plans going forward.

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