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Camera and IT man for BANTER. Tech guru. Rock and Metal Producer at Hop Pole Studios. bass player, guitarist, drummer, singer, teacher, editor, and the rest

Bah humbug. In filming, Christmas is already over.

It’s December at Banter, and the tree has gone up. But i’m already fed up of it! You may call me a grumpy guts, or a miser, but the truth in filming is – if you’re seeing a professional video related to Christmas, unless it’s live it was all done months ago. It’s a fact […]

Time Management for Pros – or “How to do as I say, not as I do.”

As the tech guy at the company, I find myself with a lot of jobs to do and often no idea how long they’re going to take. For example, if someone’s computer has decided to stop working, how long does that take to fix? Depends on if the power cable is unplugged (30 second fix) […]

Frame rates – and how to use them

One of our new interns was working on an animation yesterday, and I noticed she was rendering it out at 29.97 frames per second – if you know anything about the systems here in the UK, you’ll know that this can only end badly. “I thought frame rate just affected how slow or how fast […]

Today I got up to 500 subscribers on my Youtube channel

It’s a big milestone for me, as I make very technical videos based around audio production. They’re not based in comedy (although maybe they should be, those kinds of videos get millions of views) – and up to this point, we’ve not paid for any kind of advertisement or promotion.   It may not sound […]

The Many Hats Theory

In my work at BANTER, I’m quite often the guy who does all the little tech-related jobs. Important jobs, but often very different from one another and equally technical – just this morning, I was transferring an old VHS to our digital systems, whilst moving a WordPress site from one server to another, whilst setting […]